Thursday, April 15, 2010

MLB Salutes Jackie Robinson

It helps that #42, Jackie Robinson, was a Dodger, but I'm pretty sure he'd top my favorite all-time ballplayer list (along with Roberto Clemente) because I'm a sucker for athletes who stand up for their beliefs both on and off the field.

Tonight Major League ballplayers will don #42 but some major league ballplayers epitomize Mr. Robinson more than others.

He won't be playing tonight, but I love how Carlos Delgado stood up for what he believed in by not standing for God Bless America at the start of the Iraq War.

Today I think the player who captures Jackie Robinson's spirit the most is James Loney. Not only is he a Dodger and an RBI alumni, but he continues to give back. He was granted the club's Roberto Clemente award for his community service project which brought young RBI players to Dodger Stadium.

Who is your modern-day Jackie Robinson?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Opening Day

D isn't worried about getting to bed on time tonight. He's sick and tomorrow he won't be able to show up to work. This seems to happen to him most opening days at Dodger Stadium. D gets sick every year around this time. Poor guy. Imagine the luck?

Me? Thanks. I feel fine. I'll be at work, dreaming of green outfield grass, the smell of Dodger Dogs and garlic fries and the dust of dry-roasted peanuts between my fingers as our boys take the field.

So, Dodger fans, have fun at the game and catch a foul ball for me.