Friday, November 12, 2010

Are you pulling for Michael Vick or Tiger Woods?

These two athletes had big-time falls from grace.  One for his involvement in dog fighting, the other for a fight that revealed a very dark side.  After paying the consequences (Vick served  time while Tiger's wife served him divorce papers) both of these athletes are attempting to get their sports careers back on track.  Vick is gun slinging for the Eagles and the ticker reveals Tiger's mostly sub-par showings on the links.

Both have been vilified, but I am big on redemption.  Still, I can't help noticing that people hate Vick a whole lot more for treating dogs badly than people hate Tiger for treating women badly.  I'd like to see them both get back on track, but I'm pulling more for Vick.  Care to weigh in? 

Oh, and for your enjoyment, a quarterback controversy for one lucky head coach:

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