Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy National Championship Game Day!

A year ago, I was so stressed out about our Ducks being in the National Title game. The victory over Florida State in the Rose Bowl was awesome, but then there was that long wait for a match-up against Ohio State. There were suspensions and endless commentary and then the game itself got out of hand early.

It was no fun. I'm sure if we'd won I'd be nostalgic about the whole thing. But we lost. So, this bowl season I really didn't care all that much. Even after that oh-so-painful, triple-overtime, Alamo Bowl loss, I was like, "Meh. It's just the Alamo Bowl." It might have actually been harder if Vernon Adams hadn't gotten hurt, if we had continued to roll making me wonder, what if Adams had been healthy all season? Could we have made the playoffs with just a loss against Michigan State? But Adams got hurt, and Oregon's second string drop off is Grand-Canyon-Lethal.

So, tonight I'll sit back and watch Clemson and Alabama after getting the kids to bed. I'll root against the SEC and enjoy the spectacle. This season I've realized that sometimes it's a whole lot easier not to have a duck in the fight.

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