Monday, October 4, 2010

Return of the Quack

Ah, college football, how I've missed you and Oregon, you have not disappointed.  Thanks for starting this year off with a win instead of a loss, a punch and a suspension.  Thanks for taking care of nonsense like that during the off season.  Thanks for finding a QB to run the spread, and for a tough defense that can make open-field tackles and pressure opposing QBs.  Thanks for beating New Mexico, Tennessee, PSU, ASU and Stanford.  And thanks to Supwitchugirl for the new track.  I ♥ my Ducks!  Now, NCAA, can we PLEASE get a playoff?  Who wouldn't love to see the winner of Ohio State/Boise State play the winner of Alabama/Oregon?


  1. Throwing cookies... sounds similar to tossing cookies although the latter is really reserved for Husky fans.

  2. Huskies looked pretty good against the Ducks for a minute there, Damon. When will we hear the return of the pack from the Sound? At least you didn't have to put up with too many annoying Oregon fans in China. We're pretty obnoxious right now...