Sunday, November 13, 2011

PAC 12 > SEC In My Humble Opinion

I know the powers that be, so many sportswriters, pollsters, pundits etc... have a love affair with the SEC. I know they've won so many BCS titles... but after the past two weeks of football (in particular) I'll take the PAC 12 any day.

Yes, I'm an Oregon Duck fan and I've never pretended to be neutral or unbiased, but the SEC game of the season, LSU v. Alabama, ended 9-6 in OT with the favored team winning. BORING. Our game of the season, Stanford v. Oregon, ended in an exciting 53 - 30 upset.

They can take their Roll Tide/ War Eagle. I'll take the Oregon/Oregon State Civil War, "Fight On" from SC fans, a tree mascot, barking from those Dawgs at UW, and even that silly pitchfork from ASU.

Besides, I think I smell roses

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  1. Oops, forgot to mention the 8-clap from the Baby Bruin Bears and that scary buffalo rumbling around in Colorado.