Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Back On My Feet

A year ago, I tore my Achilles’ Tendon. A year ago, we had a dog. A year ago Kiara wasn’t even
crawling yet. A year ago, I came home from the hospital on crutches and pain-killers.

It was a long three months recovering from surgery, getting off crutches, and out of the boot. Then there were the long months of physical therapy, but during one of those sessions, the PT told me my days of training and completing triathlons were over.

When he said this, I wasn’t devastated. If he’d told me no beach volleyball, no basketball, no tennis, or flag football, I would have been pretty bummed. But it was just triathlons. Even though I’d trained for and completed about 10, I could let go of triathlons. Tri training is a
lot of work. It’s time consuming. It requires a lot of gear. No triathlons? Oh well.

But this summer, I was determined to get back in shape. So, when a friend said she was doing San Diego Tri Rock I decided to make a go of it.

Thanks for all the support this weekend/year!
I had been walking for my workouts but got back into running. I got my bike serviced and starting riding for the first time since Wildflower in 2009. I got back into the pool. In these hours of working out, I found my breath again. I started eating cleaner and with all the exercise lost the baby and Achilles’ tendon weight.

This past weekend we made it to San Diego, watched the Dodgers win, and after a miserable
mile-long swim, a 21-mile bike ride, and 6-mile run I crossed the finish line.

So much can change in a year. Scout is in a new home, Kiara is a rambunctious toddler, and I am grateful to be back on my feet.


  1. Thanks for reading, Diane and Caren!

  2. That's the spirit of an athlete! You may not be allowed to do a triathlon, but there are other sports out there that you can still try. Before doing so, make sure that you have recovered from your injury, or at least, take one step at a time - no pressure. You can do it, Noriko!

    -Lonnie Letellier @ USHealthWorks (Spokane-South-Hill-Center)

  3. Thanks so much, Lonnie! It might have taken a while, but I can do it!