Saturday, January 5, 2013

Spoiled Ducks

Well, we did it! Oregon won its second consecutive BCS game, this time at the Fiesta Bowl. I wasn't there. My husband wasn't there. My brother wasn't there. Thankfully, a good number of Ducks fans managed to show up, but I guess we are just a bunch of spoiled Ducks. I couldn't help imagine what would happen if we had a play-off this year, and Oregon played Notre Dame and Alabama played Florida and then the winners faced off. Now that, that would have been exciting.

If Kiara was still smarting from the Stanford loss the day of the Fiesta Bowl, it didn't show.
Ends up, there isn't a play-off this year and with a nine-month-old at home we didn't make the trip to Arizona. The best I could do is dress baby-girl up in her Duck gear. In fact, that is what I've been doing instead of contributing to my sports blog. Sorry. I'm a loser.

But here are some pics just to prove I am still being a sports fan. Motherhood hasn't changed that. I just haven't been very good about blogging about it. Anyway, Kiara says, go Ducks!

Kiara in her game day dress as if Oregon played in the SEC or something.
This shot is from summer, before the season started, but Kiara was already excited.
Kiara didn't get to watch the game this day and neither did we.
We don't get the Pac-12 Network :(
This was Kiara during the SC game. She was riveted. Notice Puddles, her duck.
Puddles is her favorite. No kidding.

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